April 20 2010 Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/20/2010

Present: Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), Steve Loeb (VISTA for YCABC), April Leslie (Banner Bank), Lance Stephens (UWCW), Jesse Esquivel (YVCU), Cec Anson (CCU), Sue Ford (US Bank), Trisha McCray & Beth Farnsworth (Goodwill/ Yakima Work Opportunity Center), Michelle Smith (CCU), Sharon Hosier (CCU), Michele Besso (NW Justice Project), David Hacker (YCHS), Luz Guiterrez (RCDR)

Agenda: The agenda was approved with no changes.

Minutes: The Apr 6, 2010 minutes were approved as written.

Operations/Training: The training manual will be distributed to financial institutions next week. Procedures will be customized by each bank. Reporting dates discussed. July 1st will be first reporting date to keep it in sync with quarterly schedules.

Tracking: The internal web tracking web system was discussed and its functionality was verified.

Marketing: Program launch will be on May 4. We are looking at getting some one from the state, perhaps Brad Williamson (WA Director of Banks) to help launch the program at a news conference.
We have hired IDEA marketing to develop ads across various media (radio, TV, newspaper). We will also try to take advantage of free advertising (PSAs, talk radio, newspaper stories). Information tables at various events was discussed. The EPIC Family Fair will be on Thursday, Michelle will promote us there. Isabel Garcia from Diocese Housing goes on Univision, and will do a spot for us. David Hacker and Steve will work on a survey for social service agencies. We need to determine what being a “partner organization” to the Bank On effort entails. A presentation at the Homeless Network will happen. We're still looking for a good contact at WorkSource.

There was a discussion about each bank having a spokesperson who will have their contact information distributed through the website. A press release will be sent to Luz and distributed. Service organizations will receive emails, memos, and press releases. Steve will distribute marketing materials to social service organizations.

We will send out survey sheet of account features to banks and add more detailed information about bank profiles to the website later.

Review of Marketing Materials: Disclaimer will be added to some materials saying that some applicants may need to attend financial literacy course or may not qualify. The statement “subject to approval by individual financial institution” was agreed upon. The “features matrix” was discussed, and it was agreed that it needs to be updated and non-participating institutions need to be removed. Statement stuffer are cheaper to print than a brochures, so it may be preferable to use these in some mass-distribution situations. A “window cling” like in Seattle needs to be researched and created. Getting a city and county proclamation of support was discussed. The client referral card discussed, and it was confirmed that it has space for the name of the client and the referrer. Does it need to be mentioned that to get an account at a credit union that they also need a savings account?

The group agreed to change trifold point #3, 2nd paragraph to “You may also need proof of your address” instead of stating that a 2nd piece of ID may be needed.

Financial Literacy: Dave reviewed the schedule for CCCSYV’s Checkwise classes (Monday evenings), the first two Mondays of May are scheduled and will continue biweekly or monthly depending on demand. We will have class schedules on our website. Yakima Work Opportunity Center also offers financial literacy classes in English, with a plan to add Spanish classes soon. These are currently a series of 8 classes, but this may change. The next series of these classes will take place from April 26th to May 10th. Worksource, DSHS, Tacoma Goodwill are common referrals for financial education classes. We will share our class schedule with 2-1-1. It was confirmed that RCDR will do classes in Spanish. Online Checkwise classes will be available. We will try to get Spanish versions of print & online Checkwise classes to meet the needs of our Hispanic population.

Financial literacy education may be available with Jr. Achievement —- they will be building “biz town” in Terrace Heights area. This will be up and running by the Fall, have 12-13 schools in the area.

Memorandum of Participation: We have received 3 signed memoranda and are still waiting for signatures from HAPO and YVCU.

Homeless Clients: Bank On customer has to provide proof of address, so agencies need to provide mailing addresses for the homeless. It was agreed any piece of mail will work. Also, there was an unresolved discussion abut whether there’s any place in the lower valley (Nuestra Casa, Noah's Ark in Wapato, domestic violence shelter) that can provide addresses?

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 8 at 7:30AM at CCU Boardroom.