April 6 2010 Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/6/2010

Present: Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), Lance Stephens (UWCW), Steve Loeb (VISTA for YCABC), Jesse Esquivel (YVCU), April Leslie (Banner Bank), Cec Anson (CCU), Sue Ford (US Bank), David Hacker (Yakima County) Chris Bonser (DSHS)

Agenda: The agenda was approved with no changes.

Minutes: The March minutes were approved as written.

Operations/Training: The online quarterly reporting system and logon procedures to access it. 2-1-1 referrals and having them use the online branch finder tool was discussed.

Tracking: Issues about how we are going to track referred customers vs. "people off the street" were discussed. Clients will be surveyed on signup to see if they mention Bank On.

Marketing: Marketing firms and proposals discussed. Current proposals and procedures for approval discussed. Current brochure and materials and changes to these discussed. Disclaimer of financial education courses may be needed for account eligibility suggested on brochure. Current financial partners were listed and experience of Seattle with banking partners was discussed.
Other promotions, such as a press release to the Yakima Herald, were discussed. Local events, such as the April job fair, were mentioned as potentially good promotional sites. PSAs in addition to regular advertising were mentioned. The previous “rollout” presentation to social service agencies and its lack of attendance was discussed. An after-hours partner promotion event was discussed to increase social service agency interest in the program. Some people are protective of their off-work times, however, so the idea of surveying partners about good event times was raised. A potential monetary “client incentive” program for attending financial education was discussed. The idea of getting local business to help contribute was raised. It was mentioned that getting a bank account could be financial incentive enough in itself due to money that it will save clients.

Steve and David Hacker will come up with a survey to give to non-profits about how Bank On will help their clients.

Financial Literacy: Classes for financial literacy programs were discussed. It was agreed that Monday-Thursday would be 6:00-7:30 pm would be good times to hold classes. The Checkwise class and the class given by Luz’s organization were discussed. The Goodwill financial literacy program and contacts in it were discussed.

Memorandum of Participation: The previously written and distributed memorandum of participation was discussed. Dave explained the goals and numbers listed in the memorandum. The “opt in” point was discussed and approved by the group. There were no objections to the items listed in the memorandum.

Homeless Clients: Issues with the homeless setting up bank accounts and them giving mailing addresses were discussed. Agenda item to discuss the homeless address issue was added to the April 20th meeting agenda.

Other: Sue Ford discussed an article about a New York financial program that has some similarity to Bank On. Releasing the bank account features matrix to the public and social service agencies was discussed. Present bank representatives had no objections to doing this, but it was agreed that this should be discussed further.

The next Asset Building Coalition meeting will be held on 4/8 at 9:30am at the EPIC Fireside Room.

Next Bank on Meeting: A meeting to review final marketing materials and discuss launch details was set for April, 20, 2010 at 7:30 am at CCU.