April 9 2009 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
April 9, 2009

Present: David Gilbreath, Bill Stevens, Lindsay Jacobson, Sylvia Martinez, Michele Besso, Bruce Tabb, Lance Stephens.

Minutes: Motion made to accept the minutes as submitted. Motion passed.

EITC Committee Update: The filings were up from two years ago but not up from last year.

Grants –There is still $1,800 in the CTED grant and $1,900 in the WalMart grant. We need to use it by August 31, 2009. A motion was made and seconded to use some of that money to purchase shredders for the three ad hoc sites to be used for next year’s tax season. Motion seconded and passed. It was suggested that some of that money could be used to update the website.

Goals: Attached are the Coalition goals for 2009-2010 as presented by the appointed committee. They are as follows:
1. Continued support/expansion of EITC program. By July 1st Lindsay will submit an “after action” report on the 2008 tax season. This report will include what we did and what we need to do differently. Also she will prepare a marketing plan for next year by December 1, 2009.

2. Implement/expand financial literacy program in partnership with banks/credit unions. Dave distributed information about the asset building coalitions in Seattle and in Cowlitz county.

There was discussion regarding how we could implement this is our community; how we could reach those who are not aware of the services that are already available and other organizations we could include in this program.

Bruce Tabb will head a committee including Lance S, Lindsay J, and Michele B that will prepare for the next meeting recommendations for how to proceed with this goal. Lindsay will work on how best to get the word out to the banks and credit unions of our efforts in this area to see if any of them would join us in our endeavors.

3. Develop and implement a “bank the unbanked” program for Yakima County. This will probably be a year long project. It was recommended that Lindsay get in touch with the Cowlitz Coalition to see if they could meet with us and share insights from their work in this area. We could use some of the CTED money to bring someone here to meet with us if needed.

4. Expand membership in YCABC.

5. Apply for another VISTA Volunteer for 2010. Dave has a call scheduled to register for another VISTA volunteer for next year.

6. Enhance the website. Some of the CTED monies could be used for this purpose.

A motion was made and seconded to accept these 2009-2010 goals. Motion passed.

Bill thanked Lindsay for all her work this tax season. She has helped make this time a success.

The next regular meeting will be May 14th at 9:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Goebel
FSS Administrative Assistant