August 12 2010 Ycabc Minutes

(August 12, 2010)

Present: Michelle Besso (NW Justice Project), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), David Hacker (Yakima County), Sylvia Martinez (IRS), Jessica Morgan (Heritage University), Amy Peters (2-1-1/People for People), Bill Stevens (AARP), Bruce Tabb (Elmview)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at 9:35AM.

Agenda: Approved after adding item to talk about the Elmview Land Trust.

Minutes Review/Approval: Minutes from the July 16, 2010 meeting were approved without changes.

EITC Committee Update: Bill met a contact in Goldenale at the Advocacy training session. Goldendale is moving their site away from the library. The Prosser site has mostly been used by people from Grandview, and wants to redirect clients to a new site in Sunnyside.

Sandra Valles is a current volunteer who might be willing to work in Sunnyside. Magali is still interested in working on a Heritage site. Bill suggested we might consider operating both sites with the same volunteers on different days of the week. Coordinators are needed for both sites. Blanca at Nuestra Casa might be a good choice. The need to approach Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development groups about tax sites was discussed. Sites start doing returns in February, training in January. Will place newspaper ads, can do PSAs, old archived ad exists.

Bank on Yakima County Update: Ads continue, some banks have a lot of turn out, others do not have any —- this was the experience of King and Cowlitz as well. There have been some training problems, it is hard to keep staff training current. Bank On WA money is now available. The next Bank on Yakima County meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2010 at 7:30AM at Catholic Credit Union.

Update on VISTA Sponsorship: David Hacker provided and overview of the VISTA position timeline Yakima County. For new positions, everything needs to be turned in by Sept 30th. Application volume has been high. David mentioned there is a possible low income housing option for new VISTAs in Wapato. Current position needs a new job description, with the addition of items listed in the grant and duties at PFP added. The VISTA supporting the YCABC has one year remaining after Steve Loeb’s term is over in January 2011. Recruitment for Steve’s replacement will begin in October. Amy and Steve will work on the VAD for the new YCABC VISTA. Bruce Tabb mentioned he is interested in obtaining VISTA help for land trust to do outreach/resource development.

Monthly Budget Review: We received a $30,000 grant this year (vs. $25,000 last year), and may have a federal grant. Wal-Mart and Gates Foundation grants may also be happening. There was a brief discussion concerning can we use any of the grant money for sustainability, what to do if we don’t get any grant money or Americorps members and how do other ABC’s operate without Americorps staff. It was agreed we need a long-term budget as part of our sustainability plan.

Legislative Update: The State and Poverty Action Network provided a three-hour advocacy training session to YCABC and others on August 10, 2010. You can’t lobby for a political party or individual as a 501c3, but can advocate for a specific issue or proposed legislation. Reviewed 501h political expenditures, spending caps, and spending test.

Other Business:
• There is now a temporary replacement for Anee Brar at WA Commerce. Rebecca Potasnisk is the new Executive Director of the WABC.
• Use Keva for microloans? Post more classes on the website.
• Need to use contacts to expand the membership of the YCABC. Possible organizations discussed included NWCAC, KDNA, OIC, Heritage, Work Source, DSHS, Yak Interfaith, Yakima Mission, NW Harvest, Goodwill, YMCA/YWCA, and the Yakima Chamber.

Chair Nominations: Sue Ford, from US Bank, was nominated as Chair Elect. After a brief discussion, she was unanimously selected. Dave agreed to meet with Sue to see if she will serve in this capacity.

Next Meeting: The meeting adjourned at 10:30am. Next Meeting: Sept 9, 9:30-10:30am, People for People Board Room.

Recorded by,

Steve Loeb
Americorps VISTA