August 13 2009 Ycabc Minutes

(August 13, 2009)

Present: Madelyn Carlson (PFP), Carole Folsom-Hill (La Casa Hogar), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), Lindsay Jacobson (VISTA), Lance Stephens (United Way), Michelle Smith (CCU), Bill Stevens (AARP), Bruce Tabb (Elmview), Brad Williamson (DFI)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at 9:03AM.

Minutes Review/Approval: The July 9, 2009 minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

Teleconference with Brad Williamson, Director of Banks, WA Department of Financial Institutions:
During this 30-minute teleconference, Brad provided background on “bank on” efforts across the state, including expected future support from the Governor. In timing our “roll out,” he suggested we consider waiting in order to “big splash” with a statewide campaign. Brad said the DFI is working with legislators to gain official support and create statewide momentum in funding. He thought the bank on initiative may be more effective if communities work together. Plus, Seattle is still learning lessons from their “bank on” campaign. In the meantime, Brad has offered to work with Lyn Peters and Craig Nolte in order to create a list of contacts from other coalitions that are in the beginning stages of a bank on campaign. He said there might be value in meeting and working together. During the discussion, it became apparent that DFI’s definition of “roll out” is different than the YCABC’s. In our roll out we are referring to rolling out to local financial institutions, DFI is referring to rolling out to the public. YCABC still plans to roll out the initial concept to banks and other financial institutions in September 2009.

EITC Committee Update: Bill reported the new tax site in Union Gap is supported by the Mayor, but has to be voted on by the City Council. Volunteers are still being sought for the upcoming tax season.

Financial Literacy Inventory: Following a brief discussion of hiring a contractor to layout and print the list of financial literacy classes, Michelle Smith agrees to work on this.

Bank on Yakima County Planning Committee: This committee continues to meet and develop plans for the September roll out of the Bank on Yakima County concept. Everyone agreed Brad Williamson would be an appropriate guest speaker at the roll out. Lindsay agreed to connect with him and see if he will speak, and what works best with his schedule. Michelle Smith offered to write bank meeting press release. Lindsay will call around to different check cashing facilities to see how much it costs to cash a pay check so that Michelle can add the information to the power point. The next Bank On meeting was set for August 24 at 2:30pm at the Catholic Credit Union Conference Room.

Questionnaire on Why People are Unbanked: Bruce reported he would have aggregate data from the questionnaire results at the next Bank On meeting.

VISTA Application: Dave reported that the EPIC HR Department is finalizing this application.

YCABC CTED Grant: Dave reported that our recent grant from CTED was reduced from $30.0K to $25.0K because we had an unspent balance from last year’s grant.

WABC Meeting, Tacoma, Sep 18, 2009: Dave encouraged attendance at the upcoming WABC meeting in Tacoma.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20AM. The next meeting is scheduled for Sep 10 at 9:30 AM in the EPIC Fireside Room.

Recorded by,

Lindsay Jacobson
Americorps VISTA