Burst For Prosperity



The Burst for Prosperity initiative seeks to reduce poverty in Washington State by researching and testing innovative models informed by the community that transform systems to help people achieve financial independence. Burst for Prosperity’s goal is for individuals affected by poverty in Washington State to become self-sufficient and financially independent members of the community.

The Burst for Prosperity initiative seeks to help low-income families thrive economically by researching innovative solutions, then demonstrating successful ways to deliver career advancement, self-employment, and financial planning opportunities. Integral to this work is building strategic partnerships with local and statewide organizations as well as individual community members to transform systems that move individuals and families toward a brighter economic future.

Building Long-Term Solutions

Burst for Prosperity believes that building and leveraging existing assets through career pathways, self-employment, and financial planning can significantly reduce poverty. We seek to create new tools for building wealth and strengthen the ones that already exist.

Burst for Prosperity focuses on solutions that address two kinds of poverty: situational and generational. Situational poverty occurs in cases where people, such as refugees, come to Washington for non-economic reasons and find themselves impoverished. Some may have few skills, while others have many skills but need help utilizing them in a new setting. Generational poverty affects more than one generation of the same family and is more pervasive and often more challenging to address.

Burst for Prosperity’s work is designed to create systems change so that generational and situational poverty is effectively addressed through state and federal policy as well as within public and private agencies.

Focus on Partnerships and Community

We believe that models for systems change cannot be introduced without listening to the needs of the community and adapting models accordingly. Burst for Prosperity’s work depends heavily on collaborative and innovative partnerships that engage agencies and individuals from all sectors of the community to create change at multiple levels.

Burst for Prosperity strives to create shared ownership of projects in order to promote sustainable change in the community. Burst for Prosperity’s strengths in researching, testing, and evaluating model projects allows for effective technical assistance and advocacy to implement successful poverty-reduction programs statewide.

Asset Development Strategy

Burst for Prosperity seeks to support the development of a statewide asset-building strategy that moves low-income individuals toward financial independence by decreasing the number of families trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.

The goal is to generate for low-income individuals the perspective often associated with middle-class families who use wealth to leverage and seize opportunities that improve their lives both in the short and long term.