Coalition Of Economic Opportunity

Coalition of Economic Opportunity (CEO) services Grant and Adams counties in Eastern Washington. The Coalition is compromised of professionals throughout local communities that are passionate about assisting and educating individuals and families in how to build assets and become self-sufficient. While all members of the communities are served the targeted population is low-moderate income individuals and families, Latinos and youth.
The two counties will create personal economic opportunities for their low and moderate income residents through a collaborative and customer driven asset development system that will result in basic personal asset development growth and economic opportunity through financial education, tax preparation, homeownership, microenterprise and small business development.

Strategic Goal: One-Stop System Integration: Deliver services that are integrated, effective, efficient, timely and as seamless as possible through the activities of the Prosperity Center.

Assist 500-1000 people annually with EITC and free tax aide
Youth Entrepreneurship education (100+ students annually)
Financial/Money Management education (200 annually)
Assist 5-7 new business owners open new businesses