December 11 2008 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
December 11, 2008

Present: Carole Folsom-Hill, David Gilbreath, Lance Stephens, Michele Besso, Lee Murdock, Bruce Tabb, Matthew Solomon, David Hacker, Sandra Aguilar, Luz Gutierrez.

Minutes: The word “ad havoc” needed to be changed to ”ad hoc.” With that change made it was moved and seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

EITC Meeting Report: Michele reported that people from AARP seemed to be ready to work with us. She went to the Davis High School and 15 students indicated that they would be interested in being interpreters. There will be some training for them. St. Paul’s youth minister has students who might be interested also.

We still need to hear from Rosemary at Heritage regarding ad hoc sites.

The IRS will be having a national EITC awareness day. Lindsay will be working on organizing a local event. There could be flyers to distribute as well as info sent to radio stations.

Their next meeting will be December 16th and Michele will let people know if it will be at People for People.

Action Plan: There was discussion about offering checking accounts to homeless people. There are some places, especially on the West side, that have made that available. At the Point in Time meeting they could look into the possibility of that being available here. These accounts for homeless people are opened with a $5 fee. The observation was made that there should be an education piece along with that kind of program. Lee will share this discussion at the Point in Time meeting.

The Action Plan was distributed. After much discussion it is ready to be edited. Lee will incorporate the recommendations in a final document.

The next meeting will be 9 am, January 8th, at EPIC’s Fireside Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Goebel
EPIC Administrative Assistant