February 10 2011 Ycabc Minutes

Hilton Meeting Discussion Notes

Expand all three goal areas
Get education to young kids
Utilize Junior Achievement contacts (Lance and Mike both have contacts)

Esperanza Lemos:
(From the College Success Foundation)
College Goal Sunday for 7th and 8th graders during January and February
College Access Network

Michelle Smith:
Many college kids drop out so we need to reach them at a younger age

WA ABC is the umbrella organization; they divvy up the money to the county coalitions

Sunnyside/Lower Valley can’t find volunteers

General Discussion:
1 Heritage University

  • Resource for elementary and middle school education

2 East Valley High

  • Mr. Kent is a teacher and brings people in for financial education

3 YVCU branch at Davis High School

  • Successful!

4 SIFE—Students In Free Enterprise

  • Lyn Peters has contacts

5 We need more exposure to community

  • Data on how programs are working

6 People are on checks but they owe money

  • We need to make clear debts must be cleared

- Not all is forgiven
7 Oregon uses a state income tax credit to fund IDA
8 501 C3 organization for Coalition at some point

  • Takes about 2 years to make happen

9 Financial Literacy

  • Reach teachers

- Family consumers and economics
- Teaching Kids to Save
^ 6 month long program
^ NEFE—Money Smart

  • DFI.WA.gov/financial-education

- State wide calendar