January 10 2008 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition
Thursday, January 10, 2008
9:00-10:00 am
Fireside Room, EPIC Place Campus

Present: Tim Sullivan (United Way of Yakima County), Bill Stevens (AARP), Lance Stephens (United Way of Yakima County), Tracy Fletcher (Northwest Community Action Center), Kim Tully (Yakima County Department of Community Services), Sondra Pieti (OIC of Washington), Madelyn Carlson (People for People/211), Sue Pitman (EPIC - Ways to Work), Michele Besso (Northwest Justice Project), Kathy Davidson, TJ Mattingly (Triumph Treatment Services), Cris Villanueva (St. Vincent Center), Carole Folsom-Hill (Yakima Interfaith Coalition), Steve Hill (Yakima County Department of Community Services), Tim Sullivan (United Way of Yakima County)


Lance Stephens called the meeting to order and introductions were made. Minutes from the December meeting were reviewed. Carole Folsom-Hill made a motion to accept the minutes. A second was made by Bill Stevens. The motion was approved.

Membership Update

Tim Sullivan handed out copies of the membership application and asked members to take five minutes to complete their application.

Chair and Chair-elect nominations

Lance Stephens called for nominations from the floor for the position of Coalition chair. Tim Sullivan nominated Tracy Fletcher. Steve Hill made a motion to accept the nomination. A second to the motion was made by Michele Besso. The motion was approved.

Lance Stephens called for nominations for the position of Chair-elect. Tim Sullivan nominated Matthew Solomon. Steve Hill made a motion to accept the nomination. A second to the motion was made by Michele Besso. The motion was approved.

Administrative Support Organization Nominations

Tim Sullivan made a motion to elect EPIC as the Administrative Support Organization for Yakima County ABC. A second to the motion was made by Lance Stephens. The motion was approved.

EITC Campaign

Tracy Fletcher reported that the EITC Sub-committee met to discuss implementing a local EITC Campaign. AARP will once again be providing income tax filing assistance at several locations. Last year $1.13 million in tax credits were earned through local AARP sites.

EITC materials from CTED were presented. A local brochure has been developed explaining the EITC and listing locations where people can go to file for free. United Way will mail out these materials using the 211 contact list and 211 will once again screen calls and refer people to free tax sites.

No sites are planned for Sunnyside or Grandview. One-day roving sites may be setup in these areas. EPIC would be willing to sponsor a roving site at one of their centers and would provide parent advocates to help.

It would be good to track predatory tax filing programs and incorporate other ideas to improve on next year’s campaign. The Coalition should also track and report on how much money is coming back to the community through these efforts.

IDA Grant Opportunity

Tim Sullivan reported for Matthew Solomon on a Federal IDA grant that the Coalition might want to consider going after. Tim explained that IDA’s are Individual Development Accounts that help build up savings for low-income families and individuals in order for them to purchase a home, start up a business, and pay for a higher education or training.

The average amount of the grant is $350,000 with a $1 million ceiling. The grant is over three years and the deadline is March 25. 85 % of the grant is to be used for matching participant IDA savings and the remainder is for financial education, evaluation and administration. The
Federal match is $2,000 per individual and $4,000 per household, which needs to be equally match with local match funds and participant savings.

On January 22nd a small group will travel to Seattle to meet with Anne Smiley, chair of the King County Asset Building Coalition, to learn more about their IDA and EITC programs. This group will also have an opportunity to learn about asset mapping and other Coalition activities.

CTED Planning Grant

Kim Tully reported that she and Matthew will help write an application to CTED for an Asset Building planning grant. The grant will be used to organize and expand the efforts of the Yakima County ABC. The grant application will be available sometime this spring.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 14 at the EPIC Place Fireside Room. Suggestions for the agenda included asset mapping, forming IDA and CTED Planning Grant sub-committees and creating one-page summary documents for the EITC sub-committee and any future sub-committees.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 a.m.