January 8 2009 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
January 8, 2009

Present: Bill Stevens, Lance Stephens, Madelyn Carlson, Isabel Garcia, Sylvia from IRS via phone, Carole Folsom-Hill, David Gilbreath, Bruce Tabb, Lindsay Jacobson, Michele Besso.

Minutes: Motion made to accept the minutes as submitted. Motion passed.

EITC 12/16/08 Meeting Report: Kick-off Event will be January 30th. AARP tax aid program will be providing tax preparation training at Casa Hogar January 30 & 31. There will be interpreters from Davis High School. Lindsay has been working on a press release and envelope stuffers to send out. There was discussion about just who should receive the flyers. Suggestions included Farmworkers Clinic, Hospitals, School District, Warehouses, PP&L, etc. If the PP&L would include this information in their next billing it would get into every home.

How would we fund getting the flyers out? There’s a funder who is interested in helping with the EITC outreach. There is a conference call tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 9th, to learn more about this. The county may also fund printing. Dave, Michele and Lindsay will meet right after this meeting to discuss how to approach this funding group on the conference call tomorrow.

Coalition Guidelines: Dave asked everyone to look at the Guidelines he distributed and at the next meeting they will discuss anything that may need to be changed or added. Also at the next meeting we will look at who should be appointed the chair-elect.

Since Matthew is gone and EPIC is the Coalition’s administrative and fiscal agent there needs to be someone from EPIC who is part of YCABC. Dave will check with Matthew to see if he might have a suggestion of someone to ask.

Future Grant Opportunities: The grant from CTED was to help with the EITC campaign and we were to prepare plans for our future. Before we apply for the next grant we need to have done more with the planning piece of this grant.

There was discussion of the needs of the YCABC. Some of these needs were:
o We need to have a vision
o We should schedule a meeting that will focus on planning for the future of YCABC
o There was discussion of a variety of programs that YCABC could take on as a project
o We need to begin planning for another VISTA volunteer for next year
o We need to narrow our focus
o When we send out the email regarding the next meeting we could include a specific purpose for the meeting in the email
o Generate a list of what we could be doing

Dave suggested that we invite Paul Knox to the next meeting and ask him to help with our focus for our future. We should plan to spend a longer time at our meeting with planning and creating a vision for YCABC.

There is a conflict with some people’s calendar when the next meeting is scheduled. Dave will work to find the best day for February’s meeting and will let everyone know the date.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Goebel
EPIC Administrative Assistant