July 16 2010 Ycabc Minutes

(July 16, 2010)

Present: Carole Folsom-Hill (La Casa Hogar), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), David Hacker (Yakima County), Steve Loeb (VISTA for YCABC), Sylvia Martinez (IRS), Amy Peters (PFP), Bill Stevens (AARP)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at approximately 9:35AM.

Agenda: Approved as presented.

Minutes Review/Approval: Minutes from the June 10, 2010 meeting were approved without changes.

EITC Committee: Bill announced that he has been reappointed to his current coordinator position. The Goldendale tax site will continue, but will move from the library to the senior center. Sylvia will go to Goldendale and have discussions with community members there. —- set her up with some community organizations down there. People are missing out on the education expense tax credit, Sylvia will start an awareness campaign. Sandra from St Vincent is working in Sunnyside, and may be able to volunteer at a Sunnyside site. Magali just got married; Bill will call her next week to discuss tax sites for next year.

Bank on Yakima County Update: Turnout has varied greatly among different institutions. Representatives from Americanwest and Keybank have shown an interest in becoming a part of the bank on initiative. Last meeting was well attended; financial institutions are submitting tracking reports for the first two months of the bank on program. Window stickers have been distributed to different branches. Having other consumer reminders might be beneficial. At the last meeting, everyone agreed to bimonthly meetings; the next Bank on meeting is scheduled for Tue, Sep 14, 7:30AM at CCU.

Update on VISTA Sponsorship: David Hacker stated that nine VISTA positions (including leader) sponsored by Yakima County are scheduled to start in November. David talked about trying to focus on the needs and development of the community as a whole rather than just on helping people on an individual basis. He pointed out that the ABC VISTA position is a three year position, with one year remaining after Steve Loeb’s assignment ends in Jan 2011. Recruitment for Steve’s position will start in Oct, 2010.

Monthly Budget Review: This year’s $25,000 budget has been fully spent. We were recently notified of award of a $30,000 grant from WA Department of Commerce to fund YCABC activities for the next year. People for People will replace EPIC as the lead fiscal agent for this year’s grant.

Legislative Update: We’re doing advocacy training on Aug 10 from 9AM-12PM at People for People Board Room. Someone from the State and Poverty Action Network will be there.

Other Business:

• The IRS is launching a series of Asset Building webinars that are archived after they occur. Sylvia passed out information on them.
• There was a brief discussion of how do we direct 211 callers to other Asset Building services.
• Burst for Prosperity has been conducting interviews regarding Asset Building. Carole talked about non-monetary assets (such as entrepreneurial spirit) that she sees in the community, and how we should view these as assets to be developed as well.

Chair Nominations: There was a discussion about the duties of Chair of the YCABC. Dave indicated his new position with Apprisen Financial Advocates is demanding more of his time. Several individuals were discussed as possible replacements for Dave as Chair. This will be further discussed at the August meeting.

Next Meeting: The meeting adjourned at 10:30am. The next meeting was set for Aug 12, 9:30-10:30AM at People for People Board Room.

Recorded by,

Steve Loeb
Americorps VISTA