June 1 2011

Bank on Yakima Committee
Wed, Jun 1, 2011, 7:30-8:30AM
US Bank Conference Room (202 W. Yakima Ave)


Approve agenda

Review/approve minutes of May 11, 2011 meeting
Update on WA Bank On initiative

Bank On committee reports
• Operations/Training (incentive program for tellers)
• Tracking and Reporting
- Monthly tracking
- Should we consider manual tracking…something like Bank On Thurston?
• Marketing
- Bank On ad campaign
- $100 incentive
• Financial Literacy (classes in English and Spanish)

Bank On Testimonials:
• We are still looking for new Bank On customers willing to provide testimonial for media, web site and other promotional materials
• Seeking someone willing to speak about how Bank On impacted their life at Jun 22 breakfast meeting of WABC Conference at Yakima Convention Center (honorarium of $50-100 for participatingh)

Summer Kickoff, Jun 18: Do we want to support this event with a Bank On Yakima information table to promote Bank On? If so, any volunteers to staff table for 2 hours or so?

Other Business/Announcements

Next Meeting: Wed, July 6th at 7:30AM at US Bank