June 1 2011 Bank On Minutes

Bank On Minutes
(June 1, 2011)

Present: Sharynn Hosier (CCU), Sue Ford (US Bank), Dave Gilbreath (YCABC), Lance Stephens (United Way), Adam Coe (Yakima Federal), Kimmy Mauldin (YCABC), Michelle Smith (CCU), Maria DJ Rodriguez (RCDR), Maria Santiago (DSHS)

Agenda: Approved as presented

Minutes: Approved May 11, 2011 as submitted with one change—$50 Bank On incentive is changing to $100.

Update on WA Bank On Initiative: Kimmy had gone to the WABC Bank On meeting in Seattle on Monday, May 23. One of the participants at the meeting suggested dedicating one branch of each financial institution to Bank On to help with training costs (both financially and time wise). While this could work in some areas, it would not work in Yakima because the financial institutions do not want to turn customers away from any branch, telling them to go to another. This idea is not conducive for customers.
If a Coalition wants to have State or federal money, they are required to have a Bank On program.

Bank On Committee Reports
Operations/Training: Teller incentive is being tried out at US Bank to see if this spurs any more activity for Bank On. Tellers will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks if they obtain a certain number of referrals.

Tracking/Reporting: Financial Institutions are still doing monthly tracking. Kimmy will continue to send out the reminders every month.

Marketing: Thurston manual tracking form is being utilized as a checklist for clients to have in order to make sure they are taking care of each part of completing the Bank On requirements. Michelle Smith put together a great marketing plan consisting of a radio commercial (30 sec spot with La Maquina and KDNA), several newspaper ads in Yakima Herald and El Sol, brochures, stuffers, flyers, 11 x 17 posters, referral cards for social services, draft press release, email campaign, etc.
Maria Rodriguez of RCDR will translate the brochures and stuffers into Spanish for Michelle.
Both RCDR and DSHS want the referral cards and stuffers for their organizations.
Univision has free segments for tv commercials during their news hour. Martin Ortiz is the contact there, according to Maria Rodriguez.
The email campaign will occur every Monday with tips and updates for the Bank On program. The emails will be sent to social services and financial institutions. Maria Santiago will help forward the emails to her large email list she is a part of. Thanks everyone!
Previous marketing proposal approved!

Financial Literacy: Maria Santiago talked to the coordinator of YVCC’s ESL classes about doing financial education classes and that person has yet to contact her back.
Maria Rodriguez’s students caught a mistake in the Checkwise book. Good to know people are paying close attention to spot that! 
Apprisen’s financial education classes led by Dixie are doing great. The incentive went over well in the first class it was presented in.
o Monthly Budget Workshop (Money in Motion): The times, dates, and locations are as follows:
June 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at The Harman Center (101 North 65th Avenue, Yakima, 98908)
June 9th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at Banner Bank in Sunnyside (911 East Edison Avenue, Sunnyside, 98944) in the lower level meeting room.
 Both are taught by Dixie Palmer or other Apprisen teachers.
o Bank On Checkwise Classes: the times, dates and locations are as follows:
June 14th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Consumer Credit Counseling office, located at 1115 W Lincoln Ave # 119, Yakima, 98902
July 12th, same time, same place.
 Both are taught by Dixie Palmer or other Apprisen teachers.
The Spanish classes are being taught by Maria Rodriguez of Rural Community Development Resources with the same Checkwise materials.
June 13th from 5:30 to 7:30 Pm at the office for RCDR, located at 22 S. 3rd Ave, Yakima, 98902
July 11th, same time, same place.
o All of these classes are posted on the Bank On calendar and 2-1-1 is updated and creating the rosters for them.

Testimonial Breakfast at ABC Conference: We still need clients to tell their stories at the breakfast on June 22nd. Isabel Garcia has two potential clients and Dixie may have some others. We need about 6. Both WA ABC and YCABC will be able to pay them a reward, WABAC $100 each and YCABC $50 each.

Other news: The Summer Kickoff hosted by the Committee of Downtown Yakima is taking place June 18th from 2PM to 11PM. Set up starts at noon (which Kimmy will do) and non food vendors can take down at 7. The sign up continues but right now is:
Dave 2 – 4
Michelle Smith and Sharynn Hosier 4 –7
CCU has a canopy; Sharynn will make the board for information; need a table and two chairs; Kimmy will bring the banner and information. Whoever closes needs to have room to take the things home since Kimmy will not be available to pick those up until Monday.
Key Bank had a change in leadership and wants to support Bank On! We will keep them informed and in the loop.

Adjourn: Approximately at 8:45AM.

Next Meeting: July 6th, Wednesday, 7:30AM, US Bank (back alley)

Recorded by,

Kimberly Mauldin
Americorps VISTA