June 10 2010 Ycabc Minutes

(June 10, 2010)

Dave Gilbreath (CCCSY), David Hacker (Yakima County), Bill Stevens (AARP), Carole Folsom-Hill (La Casa Hogar), Isabel Garcia (CCHS), Neri Tellez (CCHS), Amy Peters (PFP), Steve Loeb (VISTA)

Agenda approved

Minutes Approved

2 volunteers and a volunteer coordinator needed at a minimum for each Lower Valley site. How are we going to get more volunteers? We don't want a students as the coordinator for Heritage, we'd rather have someone more permanent. Discussed volunteer requirements and training. 3 or 4 regular volunteers per site would be optimal.

Bank On
Overviewed Bank On website features and updates. Discussed bugs on Spanish version of the website, Steve will examine. Flags on Bank On site language selector discussed.

There's been some confusion about people still having debts and wanting an account. Some people felt mislead.

Classes are being done in English and Spanish, Checkwi$e is used as a basis for the English classes.

2-1-1 has been receiving a lot of calls, fairly steady, Amy will get numbers. King County has a pre-recorded message about Bank On. Amy will record one for Yakima. Steve will listen again and let Amy know if we want any changes. Isabel Garcia and co-worker can translate it into Spanish.

Dave explained Craig Nolte meeting. Craig Nolte from the Fed wants to get the financial institutions together and talk to them about how their participation can fulfill some of their legal requirements under CRA-type laws.

Update on VISTA
VISTA application has been approved and sent onto DC, official start date is June 20 (for ABC position). A meeting is being held on June 30th to discuss future positions. Some other positions are going to be with PFP , Sunnyside's Promise, Citizens for Safe Communities, Noah's Ark, Resource Committee of the Homeless Network, and the United Way Community Indicator Project. 6 slots will be paid for by the government, 3 will be locally funded. Yakima Community Foundation has been applied to for funding. Positions and cost share situation may change in the up and coming years. Some start in Oct and Jan. All positions will be up in full Jan 2011.

Budget Review
Steve overviewed budget and talked about the accounting system.

Update on WA Bank On initiative
There is a statewide effort to have a Bank On program across the State, they've been trying to advance their efforts. Dave and Steve attended a statewide meeting where discussion of funding occured.

Grant Proposal for 2010-2011 state funding
We need letters of support, can PFP be the fiscal agent? Some money can go to PFP for being the agent.

Next steps on ABC activities? IDAs? Microlending? How can we move forward into other Asset Building areas? Mcgee fund overviewed. Employment training and financial literacy discussed. Casa Hogar is interested in microlending. IDA programs overviewed. IDAs were put on hold, maybe we can start exploring then again. Creating a revolving loan fund was discussed. CSHS staff has had the idea of providing foster care youth with counseling and employment training and paying them for it.

Recorded by,

Steve Loeb
Americorps VISTA