June 11 2009 Ycabc Agenda


Thursday 11 Jun 09, 9:00-10:30AM
EPIC’s Fireside Room

Welcome/Introductions Dave

YCABC – Review/Approve May 2006 Minutes All

EITC Committee Update
• Gates grant (final expenses) Lindsay
• Walmart Foundation grant (final expenses) Lindsay
• Replacement tax office in Union Gap Dave/Bill

Annual review/approval of YCABC Guidelines (Sep 09) Dave/All

Nominations for Chair Elect (Sep 09) Dave/All

Progress Report
• Financial Literacy Inventory (deadline extended to Jun 30) Lindsay
• Bank on Yakima County
- Roll out plans, date (Aug?), location, invitees, etc. Bruce/All
- Questionnaire on why people are unbanked Michele

Update on Jun 5, 2009 WABC Meeting Lindsay

Update on New VISTA Employee application Dave

Timeline for upcoming YCABC CTED grant application Dave
• Letters of Support (NLT Jun 22)

Other Business/Announcements All


Next Meeting
July 9, 9:00-10:30AM
(EPIC Fireside Room)