June 11 2009 Ycabc Minutes

(June 11, 2009)

Present: Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), David Hacker (Yakima County), Michelle Smith (CCU), Bruce Tabb (Elmview), Bill Stevens (AARP Tax Aide), Sylvia Martinez (IRS, SPEC), Lindsay Jacobson (Americorps VISTA), Michele Besso (NJP), Rebecca Mengelos (U.S. Senator Patty Murray), Carol Folsom-Hill

Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at 9:05AM.

Minutes Review/Approval: The May 14, 2009 minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

EITC Committee Update: Lindsay gave an update on grants. The Walmart grant has been exhausted with the recent purchase of promotional supplies for next year’s EITC campaign. She commented on plans to use remaining CTED grant money to purchase needed supplies for AARP tax offices. Bill Stevens will coordinate with Lindsay on a shopping list. A new replacement tax preparation site has been found in Union Gap and we are awaiting approval by the Union Gap City Council on that location.

Financial Literacy Inventory: Lindsay Jacobson is continuing to poll banks, credit unions and other organizations to determine what financial literacy education programs are now being provided in Yakima County. She has expanded this inventory to include what bank services are provided. So far, responses have been good. The original goal of completing this inventory was extended to June 30.

Bank on Yakima County Committee: Bruce agreed to continue chairing this committee. The date for next committee meeting is June 22 at 3pm at the second floor conference room at Catholic Credit Union, 1108 Lincoln. The importance of keeping Senator Murray informed was discussed. Tentatively, the “roll out” for the Bank on Yakima County concept was sometime in August, 2009. This will allow time for planning the event. The Seattle EXPRESS bank model was brought up and the prospect of asking Dave Somenski to come to an YCABC meeting was discussed. David Hacker agreed to contact Mr. Somenski to discuss this possibility.

Questionnaire on Why People are Unbanked: Michele shared a short 5-question questionnaire (in English and Spanish) designed to identify barriers to why they don’t use banking services. Michele agreed to change question 5 (What changes at the bank or credit union might encourage you to open an account?) to replace a fill in the blank response with a menu of choices. Following discussion, the questionnaire was approved for immediate use.

WABC Meeting Update: Lindsay gave an update on the Washington State Asset Building Coalition she attended on Jun 5, 2009, which included details on the upcoming grant funding cycle.

YCABC CTED Grant Application for 2009-2010: Lindsay is working on the YCABC grant proposal for CTED funding in 2009-2010. Dave asked members to consider providing a letter of support for inclusion in the grant request. He stated he would email a sample support letter that would make writing a support letter less onerous for supporting organizations.

Sponsor Organization for YCABC: Dave reported that he spoke with Steve Mitchell about EPIC continuing support for the YCABC. Steve stated EPIC wants to continue full support, including acting as the lead fiscal agent, as well as sponsoring a VISTA employee for 2009-2010.

The meeting adjourned at 10:25AM. Next meeting is scheduled for July 9 at 9:00AM in the EPIC Fireside Room.

Recorded by,

Lindsay Jacobson
Americorps VISTA