June 9 2011 Ycabc Minutes

YCABC Minutes

Present: Dave Gilbreath (YCBAC), Bryan Ketcham (CCHS), Suzanne Obermeyer (OIC), Adam Coe (Yak Fed), David Brown (Yakima County Veterans Services), Bill Stevens (AARP Tax Aide), Susan Wilson (ORFH), Marty Miller (ORFH), Sue Ford (U.S. Bank), Dixie Palmer (CCCSYV-Apprisen), David Hacker (VISTA), Kimmy Mauldin (VISTA)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called together at approximately 9:34 AM

Agenda: Revised agenda is approved—revision is the addition of the interpreter and scholarships for WABC conference in a couple weeks.

Minutes: Approved

EITC Committee Update: Still finalizing details and figuring out what they need to do next year. 3896 efiles, 4170 paper returns, $1.6 million in returns. Money was down some but Bill thinks returns were down everywhere else in the state. District 14 did the third most efiles in the state. Heard one person isn’t coming back but they have 6-10 new volunteers who want to start next season. Heritage wants to be involved again next year. Doing TaxWise online and had 3 new tax sites.

Bank On Yakima Update: We hired Michelle Smith to do our marketing. New Press Release, a fact sheet, flyers (Eng & Sp), brochures (Eng & Sp), TV ad that will be on the next grant funds but will happen, email campaign will be every Monday. Bank On approved financial education course is the CheckWise class through Apprisen and the RCDR Spanish class. They focus more on how to handle a checking/savings account while the other classes (Money in Motion) focus more on budgeting which is only for the financial education course (not Bank On approved). The $100 incentive is for those who have already opened a Bank On account and those who have not opened an account.

Teller referral program: has not taken off yet, one institution would try this so Sue’s US Bank would try it to see what happened. Every referral a teller makes, they get a Starbucks gift card. Will start Monday. Kimmy will give Sue the cards when they come in.
DCY is doing the Summer Kickoff is on June 18th from 2 to 7pm. We are trying to be in the public eye as much as possible. Kimmy will send out flyer in email. Sue may want to work a slot.

Bank On WA Update: 6 work groups have been developed: Account Standards, Reporting, Marketing, Training, Funding, and Financial Education. Each work group is focusing on figuring out the bugs and how to solve the problems within their own group. Denise Rodriguez is in charge. Looking to roll out in July or August. Will meet face to face at the conference. If anyone is interested in participating in a work group or going to the conference, let Kimmy know.

Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee Update: Focused on staffing, revenue (current and future), and expenses. Will meet again to figure out budgets and what to do in various situations if we lose funding or staffing, etc. Meetings are at ORFH on Summitview. July 28th, 2pm at ORFH.

Ad Hoc IDA Planning Committee Update: Met and attended webinars about the IDA programs. Need to map out the next steps. About a year process to figure out who we are targeting, partners, funding, applications to submit in a year. July 26th 2 pm at ORFH.

Budget: WM grant is 100% expensed and went for EITC support. Commerce grant is about 90% expensed and will be fully spent by end of June. HHS grant must be spent by Feb 2012 and is $5,500 and is reserved for Bank On incentives.

YCABC Goals: Support EITC and tax sites, financial literacy programs, Bank On, IDAs and other feasible asset building programs, sustainability plan, increase membership.

Legislative Update: 41% cut in state asset building funding which means only the coalitions who have already had funding with Commerce will get requests for applications. Most we can get is $28,000 (or $26,000). Due by June 27th, need support letters.

WABC Conference: June 21st—22nd, Isabel Garcia or Sylvia Martinez will do interpreting for breakfast, scholarships for organizations and Yakima people to attend conference. Breakfast is at 7am and we need to make sure people are there. We would love to have a Bank On client to give a testimonial. Banner, Wells, or another financial institution may have that client. Lisa from DFIC will moderate the breakfast.

Other Business: Mike with Key Bank wants to meet with Dave and the new leader at the local Key Bank. They want to support Bank On.
Yakima County is in the third year in VISTA program. Transitioning YCABC VISTA position to Catholic Families. David Brown got a VISTA for the Veterans Program! If someone wants a VISTA, contact David Hacker. There are both individual placements and County placements for VISTA.

Next Meeting: July 14th, 9:30—10:30 AM at OIC