Kitsap County Asset Building Coalition

The Kitsap Asset Building Coalition was started in June 2008 and now has sixteen active Coalition partners.

We hold two annual events to promote the EITC campaign, along with promoting AARP Tax-Aide for free tax preparation.

Our events are growing as we increase awareness of the Coalition and the word is spreading about offering free credit reports with free credit counseling at our events.

We continue to expand our marketing outreach in Kitsap County. Coalition partners are working together to increase the number of financial education classes available in our community. We are now offering evening financial education classes on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month.

The Asset Building Coalition of Kitsap is dedicated to assisting Kitsap County residents in achieving financial stability, and gathering local community partners who share similar interests in improving financial education and services for people in Kitsap County.


Promote and expand EITC campaign and free AARP tax preparation outreach.

Establish Kitsap County’s Bank On initiative.

Expand our financial education to other parts of the community in Kitsap County.

Enhance current offerings for financial education.

Implement marketing strategies to increase and develop increased awareness of the ABC of Kitsap and its activities.

Strengthen and sustain ABC of Kitsap by increasing new membership

Contact Us
Coalition Lead: Kitsap Community Resources - Kristi Basse
Phone number: (360) 473-2126
Email Address: gro.rck|essabk#gro.rck|essabk
Website: No Kitsap Asset Building Coalition website at this time but Coalition information is posted on the Kitsap Community Resources website, KABC