March 10 2011 Ycabc Minutes

YCABC Meeting Minutes

Present: Bill Stevens (AARP), Lance Stephens (United Way), Amy Peters (PFP/2-1-1), Dave Gilbreath (YCABC), Kimmy Mauldin (YCABC), Sylvia Martinez (call in—IRS), Jessica Morgan (Heritage University), Esperanza Lemos (College Success Foundation), Maria D. Garcia (Rural Community Development Resources), Dixie Palmer (CCCS of Yakima Valley/Apprisen), Susan Wilson (Office of Rural & Farmworker Housing), Sue Ford (US Bank), Bruce Tabb (Elmview)

Call to Order: Dave called the meeting to order at approximately 9:36 AM.

Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented.

Minutes Review/Approval: Minutes from the February 10, 2011 meeting were approved as written.

EITC Committee Update:
Bill: 57% of returns done last year, 75% of EITC done last year, over $1.2 million (light numbers because he couldn’t get to everyone at the sites. The numbers are probably more than this). Numbers are a little screwed up because some of the sites were slow in getting numbers to Bill. Heritage University looks like the only light site, the other sites are up in numbers. Great help from 2-1-1; most appointments are showing up. They get most of their equipment from the IRS and the IRS will probably quit that. And XP may not be supported as much.
Amy: Busiest time of year for 2-1-1. From Jan. 1 through March 9, 2011: 1,934 people have called for EITC related questions from Yakima County. 34 people have called for EITC related questions from Klickitat County. A total of 1,902 people have been scheduled for EITC appointments at the 7 tax sites through 2-1-1. Of the 1,902 appointments that have been scheduled, 1,545 have actually attended their tax appointments.

Bank On:
Dave: Next meeting Tuesday, March 15th, 7:30 AM at CCU. Craig Nolte’s meeting was really good, however, we need to re-energize the program. At the end of June we may have something from the State of what the Bank On program looks like at the State level; implementation of new system around end of June as well. Incentive programs? Possible, but funds could run out for that. We need more financial literacy in community.
YVCU and CCU merge could bring out some unforeseen problems but hopefully jobs will stay there.

Dave: 3 grants, Commerce-$25,000, WalMart-$15,000, HHS-$5,000. Commerce and Wal-Mart grants need to be spent by June 30, 2011. HHS grant will be used for incentive program for Bank On program. We need to approve up to $10,000 for Bank On; $5,000 donation at least for 2-1-1. Bill first moved, Sue seconded. Approved!
To improve the 2 websites, YCABC and Bank On, we should spend up to but no more than $1,000 for improvement of websites to Steve Loeb. Lance moved, Esperanza seconded. Approved!
$8,500 of Wal-Mart grant was spent on EITC campaign; Kimmy and possibly Dave will meet with Lance to review the Wal-Mart grant.

100 Jobs for 100 Kids:
Kimmy: Monday, April 18th, at the SE Community Center from 1 to 5 PM. We will email the flyer to members. Organizations involved with the Coalition can support 2 students with $685 but as the Coalition can just support a booth with basic budgeting and banking information.

Money Smart Week:
Kimmy: Along with the 100 Jobs for 100 Kids email, we will send out information about Money Smart Week. This will take place April 23-30th. During this week, we want to partner with Habitat for Humanity to do classes during the week. This is something Habitat would like to do both before and after April 23-30th. Dixie has volunteered to work with Gloria Garcia (the Family Selection Coordinator at Habitat) and Ashley Burk (Donations Manager). If anyone else would like to be a part of this, email Kimmy Mauldin at gro.cbacy|nidluam.k#gro.cbacy|nidluam.k.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs):
Dave: Craig Nolte said he would come to the next meeting in April and we can do a breakfast meeting. Possibly taking this meeting to another location (Hilton probably) on April 14th, at 7:30 to 8:30, definitely no later than 9. The focus of the meeting is to learn more of IDAs, how to get matching funding to get the Federal funding for grants. The Coalition doesn’t need all the matching funding up front but does need to have access to matching money. Non cash match as well is good. The key is finding someone to say yes and to stick with the matching. To apply for grants, there are two dates (March 31st and May 25th) and we need to shoot for the May deadline.

Legislative Update:
Dave: The Bill that would undermine the payday loaning is in danger. The interest rate (392%) isn’t changing but the legislation that went into effect over a year ago kept in the numbers and amounts and they want to do away with that. The bill would allow that borrowing from one lender to pay off another lender (this is awful and should be illegal). The website is <>

Financial Coaching Training:
Dave: need to find out if there are any other dates for this training session. Esperanza said she could do it with her bi-lingual skills.

Strategic Planning Meeting:
Dave: We need to hold a meeting before or after Craig being here. This needs to happen late March or early April. The meeting will probably be two hours and is looking at the vision of the Coalition. Those present suggested a lunch meeting would be preferred.

Other Business/Announcements:
Bill: Rags to Riches (animal rescue) is looking for more volunteers and they want signs to be put up around town. He will bring more flyers for the next meeting.
Maria: Brought flyers for the Cinco de Mayo event sponsored by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Yakima County, and wants the Coalition to sponsor a booth. If anyone wants to pursue this, contact Maria at 509-453-5133.

Adjourn at 10:22 AM.

Next Meeting: April 14th, 9:30-10:30 AM, probably at Hilton.