March 11 2010 Ycabc Minutes

(March 11, 2010)

Present: Lance Stephens (United Way of Central Washington), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), Marcia DJ Garcia (Rural Community Development Resources), Jessica Morgan (Heritage University), Amy Peters (Greater Columbia 2-1-1), David Hacker (Yakima County Department of Human Services), Bill Stevens (AARP), Steve Loeb (VISTA for YCABC)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at approximately 9:35AM.

Agenda: The agenda for today’s meeting was approved as presented.

Minutes Review/Approval: Minutes from the February 11, 2010 meeting were approved without changes.

EITC Committee: Bill Stevens reported that total number of filings is well ahead of last year at this time. Also, the dollar amount for EITC refunds is significantly higher than last year; however, this is not surprising since the EITC amount is up significantly over last year’s credit. “Ad hoc” sites and the possibility of a permanent site at Nuestra Casa in Sunnyside next tax year were discussed. New computers purchased by the YCABC for the EITC have been received and are now in use.

YCABC Grant Budget: A handout about the grant budget and statistics about current spending allocations were given by Steve Loeb. To date, we have spent/obligated nearly 50% of the $25,000 grant budget from the WA Dept of Commerce. The amount of the Wal-Mart grant and restrictions placed on the money in it were discussed. It was agreed that further discussion of the Wal-Mart grant would be on the agenda of the next ABC meeting. A motion was unanimously approved (Amy Peters abstained) to give $1,500 to 2-1-1 to help them continue providing services for the YCABC, especially in providing information and making appointments for customers of tax preparation sites in our service area.

Bank On Yakima County: Dave Gilbreath informed the group that the next Bank on Meeting would take place on March 16th at 7:30am at Catholic Credit Union, and that a memorandum of understanding for financial institutions should be available then. Upcoming changes to overdraft laws and possible Bank On features regarding these were discussed. Developments of the Bank On program on the State level were discussed. Reporting by the financial institutions and the web option that has been created for this were discussed. After discussion, the following features were unanimously approved for inclusion in the Bank on Yakima County program:
• Low or no cost account
• Low or no minimum monthly balance
• Offer of a savings account
• Forgiveness of one NSF charge within the first year
• Flexibility in opening accounts for individuals who have been on ChexSystems
• Acceptance of alternative forms of ID, such as the Mexican consular ID
• Free ATM or debit card
• Free online banking
• Direct deposit option
• Availability of education classes

Financial Education: Marcia DJ Garcia discussed the curriculum of the Checkwise program. The responsibilities for teaching the financial education program were discussed. It was decided that CCCSYV will take the lead on education in English, while RCDR will conduct financial education classes in Spanish. It was also mentioned that some financial institutions would opt to teach their own financial education classes for their account holders.

Sponsorship of VISTA position: The group discussed options regarding the placement and roles of Americorps members. David Hacker talked about the process he was undergoing to possibly host Americorps members at his site. Dave Gilbreath talked about EPIC’s current position regarding hosting the YCABC Americorps position.

YCABC Website: Steve Loeb gave an update on changes that he made and features that he added to the YCABC site. Jessica Morgan offered to help translate the site into Spanish.

Legislative Update: Dave talked about legislative funding for 2-1-1 and how the process could be affected.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30am. The next meeting was confirmed for April 8th, 9:30-10:30am, EPIC Fireside Room.

Recorded by,

Steve Loeb
Americorps VISTA