March 13 2008 Ycabc Agenda

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
March 13, 2008

Present: Sylvia Martinez, IRS; Lance Stephens, United Way; Kimberlee Tully, YC Community Services; Tracy Fletcher, NCACYVFWC; Matthew Solomon, EPIC; Lashaunda Harris, Triumph PCAP; Sandra Aguilar, Catholic Charities Housing Svcs; Bill Stevens, AARP. Visitor – Bruce Tabb, Elmview.

Matthew Solomon noted the highlights of the last month’s minutes. We had talked about having a logo for YCABC. Sue Pitman showed us a logo she found and will see if it can be adjusted to fit our program. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes.

Bill Stevens reported that to-date almost as many returns have been processed as were done last year. He will be going to the Lower Valley to do tax returns for them in a few days. We want to be sure that everyone knows that they need to do a tax return in order to receive the credit offered this year. Sylvia Martinez will see if she can get an ad on KDNA again. We had decided that between March 15th and April 15th we would again send out the information about the credit package. Out of the whole state Yakima County had the most calls for requests for the Stimulus package. That tells us that our efforts are working.

Grant Committee:
The committee set funding priorities and strategy –
Phase I

  • Funding of Coalition infrastructure and staffing.
  • Expansion of the EITC program to an annual formal program.

Phase II

  • Creation, development and implementation of a local IDA program and what funding partners we can find.

The IDA is a five year program that helps someone who doesn’t have the funds for a down payment to be able to purchase a home. The client will put one dollar in an account and the federal and community funders will add one more dollar each. It may be that in the next years more dollars could be added to the client’s accounts. Sandra Aguilar, from Catholic Charities Housing, shared that last year they had endeavored to promote this program and Mario was the one in charge. Mario, from the Catholic Diocese, will share his experience and recommendations surrounding IDA projects with the group at the June 12th meeting.

The grant committee recommended that a finance fund development committee be formed to move forward with the phased outline of funding. It will help YCABC move along with their interests, identify grant opportunities and manage the fundings. Lance Stephens made this into a motion and Sylvia Martinez seconded it. The motion passed. If there are people in the community with experience in this area they could attend the committee meetings and may even join.

Community Land Trust:
Bruce Tabb from Elmview was invited to our meeting to introduce us to the Community Land Trust that he represents. A land trust gives the opportunity to someone who hasn’t previously owned a home to get into homeownership. It takes the cost of the land out of the cost of the home. It holds title to the land which then allows the cost of land to be deducted from the cost of purchasing a home. If the house is sold the land is not sold with the house, so the next person who purchases the home still has the same advantage. Asset building in our communities is employment and homeownership and this program helps contribute to that. Banks and financial institutions have bought into this program. If CLT and YCABC could work together it would be an asset to the community.

Lance Stephens made a motion and Matthew seconded it that YCABC formally support and join in partnership with CLT and that CLT be included in YCABC. The motion passed.

Next meeting is scheduled for 9:00 a.m., April 10th, in EPIC’s Fireside Room.

The next grant committee meeting will be next Friday 9:00 am, March 21st, at the Central Office.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Goebel
Administrative Assistant