March 15 2011 Bank On Minutes

Bank On Meeting
March 15, 2011

Present: Cec Anson (Catholic Credit Union), Sue Ford (US Bank), Sharynn Hosier (CCU), Kimmy Mauldin (YCABC), Jesse Esquivel (Yakima Valley Credit Union), Bill Stevens (AARP), Michelle Smith (CCU), Adam Coe (Yakima Federal), Dave Gilbreath (YCABC), Michele Besso (NWJP)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at approximately 7:30 AM


Agenda: Approved as presented

WA Bank On: By June, the WA Bank On should have gotten together with some big banks, developed a state-wide reporting system and form, and developed updated marketing tools. The reporting form will probably highly resemble the Yakima form for the WA Bank On liked our reporting model.
We also need to update the brochure and website—take off HAPO, add Yak Fed, and the merged result of CCU and YVCU. Michelle Smith will update brochure and send it out to committee members and Steve Loeb will update the websites.
Next meeting, we will have set numbers concerning the reporting system in Yakima. Sue Ford informed us that they will not have all the information the reporting form calls for simply because their own reporting system does not offer the same information our reports need.
Once we get the money from the grant, then we can plan marketing for the incentive program.

ABC Strategies Forum: The meeting with Craig Nolte was a very productive meeting. We have fresh membership and interest in the Coalition. The meeting was heavily CRA driven helped banks but not terribly helpful for credit unions.

Committee Structure: YVCU is going to CCU system—Hosier said she would still help with procedures. Because of said merge, it is hard to know who can do what after June.
We should send out a letter to the different financial institutions saying if they want on the brochure to let us know. The agreement they signed is good through December 2011, however, some have pulled out and/or lost interest.
We also need to develop a way to keep tellers updated on Bank On.

Incentive Program: The Coalition does not have the money from the HHHS grant in hand yet but it is on its way. We will have around $5,000 which does not need to be spent before June 2012.
Financial literacy classes need to be listed in ads and on the websites.
Kimmy should meet with different financial institutions and social services to discuss their possible interest and activity with the Bank On program.
We have 2 classes available for financial literacy opportunities through CCCS and RCDR. Kimmy is also currently working with Dixie Palmer to develop class opportunities with Habitat for Humanity.
There are several check points that will keep people from opening up several checking accounts at different banks and credit unions to get the $50 incentive. Married couples will get $100 if they take the class and open up two accounts (so $50 per person).

Website Enhancement: Steve Loeb is taking care of the website, currently the Coalition is signing a contract with him. Also, our website needs to be made available on other institutions’ and social services’ websites.

Chairperson: Sue Ford said she would step up to take the Chair position. Thanks, Sue!

Next Steps: We will let every one know when the grant money comes in.
The Coalition approved money for promoting the EITC and Bank On programs. We will schedule a marketing meeting for Bank On in the next several weeks.

Next Meeting: April 26th, 7:30 AM