May 11 2011 Bank On Agenda


Bank on Yakima Committee
Tuesday, May 11, 2011, 7:30-8:30AM
US Bank Conf Rm (202 W. Yakima Ave)


Approve agenda

Review/approve minutes of Apr 12, 2011 meeting
Update on WA Bank On initiative

Bank On committee reports
• Operations/Training (continuing training for tellers and others)
• Tracking and Reporting
- Monthly tracking
- Should we consider manual tracking…something like Bank On Thurston?
• Marketing (financial incentives, etc.)
• Financial Literacy (classes in English and Spanish)

Still seeking new Bank On customers willing to provide testimonial for media, web site and other promotional materials

Continue discussion on ways to promote Bank on Yakima to Rotary, Chamber, social service agencies, elected officials and others

Other Business/Announcements

Next Meeting: June 9th at 7:30AM at US Bank