Nw Native Asset Building Coalition

Native Assets

The Northwest Native Asset Building Coalition is a dedicated coalition of asset builders that focuses on community empowerment through personal development and asset acquisition. Our coalition came together in 2006 to address the lack of asset building services available in Native communities throughout the region.

Our Mission is to increase asset acquisition in Native communities, to strengthen tribal economies, and to ensure that Native families are claiming the earned income tax credits that they earned. Ultimately we envision that all 42 northwest tribal communities would offer financial education courses, asset acquisition programs, credit counseling and money management courses that would result in families being financially secure and thereby strengthening tribal economies.


Raise awareness about the importance of asset building as a wealth building tool to empower Native families and strengthen tribal economies
To ensure that working class Native families are accessing free tax preparation services, claiming their tax credits, and developing goals toward asset acquisition
To ensure that training is available to tribal practitioners so that they can provide: credit counseling, financial education courses, homebuyer education classes, and money management skills for youth.