October 8 2009 Ycabc Minutes

(October 9, 2009)

Present: Carole Folsom-Hill (La Casa Hogar), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), David Hacker (Yakima County), Lindsay Jacobson (VISTA), Sylvia Martinez (IRS), Lee Murdock (Yakima County), Bill Stevens (AARP), Bruce Tabb (Elmview)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at approximately 9:30AM.

Minutes Review/Approval: The September 10, 2009 minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

EITC Committee Update: Heritage does not have the support to host a tax aide site this year. A couple of ad hoc sites will be planned early in the season. AARP needs more bilingual volunteer client facilitators. Lindsay will plan with Bill and Len Black to recruit SIFE members to work at tax sites. Michele mentioned asking Davis High School students again. Radio ads are out informing people of the new EITC maximum amount and the new third child addition to the threshold.

WABC Fall Meeting Update: Lindsay attended the Fall meeting in Federal Way on Sep 18, 2009.
• WABC may be looking at a name change in the near future.
• Lindsay handed out the WA State asset building score card.
• WABC Goals: Build/Strengthen asset building coalitions; create policies to support asset building (legislation); financial health and security for all.
o Expand financial skills for success
o Help people save and invest (continue to promote EITC)
o Remove barriers to gaining and keeping assets (ie. Eliminate asset limits in public assistance programs)
Financial Literacy Inventory: This list remains under development.

Bank on Yakima County Planning Committee: The Bank on Yakima County initiative is making good progress following the roll out meeting on Sep 23, 2009. There was a discussion concerning the agenda for the follow up meeting scheduled for October 21 at 7:30AM at Catholic Credit Union.
• Paul Regimbal was discussed as a possible main spokesperson for the upcoming meeting
• Overview of the need in the community for a “Bank on” program
• Provide guidelines and checklists from Cowlitz and Seattle programs as an example
• Ask the banks to help us set a start date that we can work back from

• Gain a firm commitment from financial institutions to help develop the concept
• Form a “Bank on Yakima County” Committee with financial institutions
Lindsay will send out a reminder Evite for the Oct 21 meeting. She will send a follow-up call list to Lance.
Dave will invite Margaret Luera from Bank of the West to the upcoming meeting.

VISTA Application: EPIC has formally approved renewal of this VISTA position and recruitment is underway.

WABC Annual Meeting (Nov 5-6, 2009): The agenda for the upcoming annual meeting at the Tacoma Convention Center is being finalized and a draft agenda was handed out. Lindsay will be attending and Dave encouraged others to attend as well.

Review of WABC Legislative Priorities: Bruce provided an overview of WABC policy priorities, including, Bank on Washington Initiative; Modification/Elimination of Asset Limits; IDA Funding Sources; and others. A comprehensive summary of Asset Building policy priorities was handed out at the meeting. Bruce recommended making “Legislative Update” a standard agenda item for future meetings. This was unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30AM. The next meeting is scheduled for November 12 at 9:30 AM in the EPIC Fireside Room.

Recorded by,

Lindsay Jacobson
Americorps VISTA