October 9 2008 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
October 9, 2008

Present: Bill Stevens, Madelyn Carlson, Christy Doan, Lee Murdock, Matthew Solomon, David Gilbreath, Michele Bess, and David Hacker.

Minutes: It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes as presented. Motion passed.

CFEED Conference Report: Lee’s report is attached. It was a good conference, however, she felt it would have been beneficial if there had been more “learning” offered.

The topic of Yakima Valley Community Land Trust was brought up. It was noted that YCABC plans to work with that organization. No other group like ours is working with the Community Land Trust and people expressed an interest in this group. Lee said it is important that she be able to share our YCABC information to the legislative staff. A motion was made and seconded that she be able to do that. Motion passed.

Lee is creating a resource for everyone with the information she brought on Building Assets, Policy Options to Promote Savings and Asset Ownership, and Home Mortgage & Financial Services Regulation, etc.

IDA’s were addressed at the conference. It was a topic of importance.

VISTA Process: The job description for this position was distributed. It will be sent out to our partners and those on our member list as well as others who may be able to help with filling this position. Matthew has already received an email from CTED requesting the name of our lead EITC person. We need to hold a committee meeting to look into all that we need to take care of regarding the VISTA person. October 21st, 9 am, at People for People there will be a committee meeting.

YCABC Logo: Christy Doan, EPIC’s VISTA person, has created some logos for everyone to look at. It was suggested that we include a keg-line along with the logo that we could put on letterhead. It was moved, seconded and passed to use the third logo on the page presented by Christy (see attached).

Chair Elect: David Gilbreath has been nominated for this position. The ballots were distributed. It was a unanimous vote for David.

Announcements: Matthew will attend the State ABC meeting next week.

Lee Murdock will send an email to everyone listing the kind of information she needs to include in material that the YCABC can use in our program.

Motion made seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting.

The next meeting will be 9 am, November 13h, at EPIC’s Fireside Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Goebel
EPIC Administrative Assistant