Peninsula Asset Building Coalition


Working with community partners in Clallam and Jefferson Counties, the mission of the Peninsula Asset Building Coalition is to provide the opportunities, skills and resources for individuals and families to gain financial awareness, education and stability in order to:

increase their income
build their savings
acquire and sustain assets.


1. Serve as a catalyst of interested partners to develop a community plan for strategically implementing asset building activities.

2. Expand free tax preparation services and promote Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

3. Successfully fund and implement an Individual Development Accounts (IDA) program for ten families wherein accepted participants save earned income in special matched bank accounts to accumulate savings for long-term assets.

4. Coordinate community resources to promote:

money management classes
financial planning assistance
credit repair and credit counseling services
access to financial institutions
protection from predatory lending
debt reduction training
communication skills training
the network of services helping people during hard times