Seattle King County Asset Building Coalition


The Seattle-King County Asset Building Collaborative (SKC ABC) is comprised of over sixty non-profit agencies, sixteen banks and credit unions, and a dozen public entities (both local and national).

The underlying belief of the partners in the SKC ABC is that financial knowledge and sufficient assets are crucial to help struggling families move out of poverty and towards economic self-sufficiency.

We have built a system of high-quality, accessible financial empowerment services and interconnected networks to deliver these services throughout King County. Thus, we connect people with a variety of asset-building services, such as access to affordable, mainstream banking; financial planning, education, and coaching; credit and debt counseling; free tax preparation; access to public benefits; microenterprise development; and homeownership and foreclosure prevention resources.


Helping low-income and working people achieve their financial goals—connecting people with the services they need, when they need them.


Move people through an economic continuum to financial stability and security.