September 11 2008 Ycabc Minutes

Yakima County Asset Building Coalition Meeting
September 11, 2008

Present: Bill Stevens, Matthew Solomon, Sondra Pieti, Tracy Fletcher, Madelyn Carlson, Lance Stephens, Carole Folsom-Hill, Sandra Aguilar.

Minutes: It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes as presented. Motion passed.

EITC Committee/VISTA Minutes and Report: A motion was made and seconded to accept these minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Review Draft of VAD and Work Plan for VISTA:

The document that Lee Murdock created mapping the plan discussed by the Committee was distributed. There was much discussion. Several people shared thoughts from past experience working with VISTA volunteers. Since Sondra Pieti, from OIC, has quite a bit of experience working in this area she was asked to prepare a re-draft of the one distributed.

It was suggested that we need to post this volunteer position as soon as possible nationally, at WorkSource, etc. By October we will need to have submitted the name of our volunteer to PSI. This person will need to begin in December so they will be ready by January to begin work in February.

A VISTA volunteer receives only $833 a month. This money doesn’t make a difference in what a person who gets food stamps and is on TANF would receive from there. It was also noted that the volunteer doesn’t need to be a “young” person, it could also be a retired senior.

Nominations and Election – Chair Elect:

Several people mentioned that Thursdays are not good days for them to be able to attend Coalition meetings. It was decided that before any names were nominated Matthew would send out an email asking for choices of better days for the Coalition meetings. After that they will address electing a chairman.

The next meeting will be 9 am, October 9th, at EPIC’s Fireside Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Goebel
EPIC Administrative Assistant