September 9 2010 Ycabc Minutes

(September 9, 2010)

Present: Carol Folsom-Hill (La Casa Hogar), Isabel Garcia (CCHS), Maria Garcia (RCDR), Dave Gilbreath (CCCSYV), Luz Bazan Gutierrez (RCDR), Steve Loeb (VISTA), Sylvia Martinez (IRS), Jessica Morgan (Heritage University), Amy Peters (2-1-1/People for People), Bill Stevens (AARP), Bruce Tabb (Elmview), Neri Tellez (CCHS)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at 9:35AM.

Agenda: Agenda approved following addition of discussion of expanding YCABC membership.

Minutes Review/Approval: Minutes from the September 9, 2010 meeting were approved following change to explain

EITC Committee Update: We continue to explore establishing two new sites in the Lower Valley and have recruited volunteers online. Magali got the go ahead to setup a site. The IRS has changed its rules to allow wireless transmissions of tax return data. When Heritage was a VITA site, they used TaxWise online, which now has online testing available. Stone Church cannot be used as a training space anymore, and another training site is being sought. CCHS has space that may be able to accommodate. Bill is planning on holding a “kindergarten” for trainees for one day.

EITC Day is the last Friday in January; we may want to do outreach at the Homeless Connect event. There was a brief discussion about how can we best promote our programs at Connect; bank on services to the homeless; how can we combine Bank On and EITC programs. There was a discussion of promoting Bank on Yakima by having promotional materials available at tax preparation sites.

Bank on Yakima County Update: Klickitat meeting, presentation effort, and reporting dates overviewed. We will try to do outreach via the Homeless Network email list. Radio promotions were discussed. We may be able to add a tagline in our EITC advertising promoting Bank On. Currently, you can arrange to have your refund be put onto a debit card. AARP is willing to support Bank On. 68% of all e-files were received through Direct Deposit. Next Bank on Yakima meeting scheduled for Oct 19, 2010 at 7:30AM at Catholic Credit Union.

Update on VISTA Sponsorship: David Hacker provided and overview of the VISTA position timeline Yakima County. For new positions, everything needs to be turned in by Sept 30th. Application volume has been high. David mentioned there is a possible low income housing option for new VISTAs in Wapato. Current position needs a new job description, with the addition of items listed in the grant and duties at PFP added. The VISTA supporting the YCABC has one year remaining after Steve Loeb’s term is over in January 2011. Recruitment for Steve’s replacement will begin in October. Amy and Steve will work on the VAD for the new YCABC VISTA. Bruce Tabb mentioned he is interested in obtaining VISTA help for land trust to do outreach/resource development.

Monthly Budget Review: Status of current budget was reviewed. According to the WA Dept of Commerce, we will most likely be getting a federal grant for financial education. This will likely be in the $4.0K to $5.0K range. Steve won a $750 scholarship from Commerce to attend a DC conference on Asset Building.

Potential Areas for YCABC Expansion: There was a general discussion of IDAs, and potential sources of IDA funding. There is pending federal legislation that provides funding for IDAs without requiring a match. A grant is available at the end of winter to help provide a match, but we would still need to put up money for it. There was also a short discussion of Micro-lending, including the concept of cooperatives and how we could potentially help setup cooperatives. Funds are available for co-op development loans. Luz is a consultant to a co-op group in El Paso working with farm co-ops. These programs need to be revenue-generating. They are working with a lot of farm-coops. We would need to have something that sustains an operation. Ellensburg micro-loans are available, but no one is accessing them. Micro-enterprise ties in well with IDA concept —- the two programs would be a good match. IDAs need people to support their administration. Maybe WABC knows someone who can support the IDAs. The discussion was informational only and no decisions were made on whether to make IDAs or micro-lending a priority for the YCABC.

Legislative Update: No significant legislative activities since last month’s meeting.

Expanding YCABC Membership: There was a follow-up discussion from last month on how to expand membership. Possible organizations discussed included NWCAC, KDNA, OIC, Heritage, Work Source, DSHS, Yak Interfaith, Yakima Mission, NW Harvest, Goodwill, YMCA/YWCA, the Yakima Chamber and representatives from the Yakama Nation. A wide range of ways to expand membership was discussed, including making our elected officials more aware of what we do as an organization. .Members were encouraged to continue looking for opportunities to expand our membership by inviting appropriate friends and colleagues to our monthly meetings. Dave said he would make some calls to the above organizations to solicit interest.

Chair Nominations: Dave met with Chair Elect, Sue Ford from US Bank and Sue wants some time to assess whether she has time to assume these duties.

Other Business:
• Gang Information Project: Luz shared info about a Yakima County Gang Information project. People are researching how resources are being spent and how services are being expanded to young people and others; maybe Asset Building can be part of the training
• Entrepreneurship Innovation Contest: New Vision is having a $10,000 prize for entrepreneurship innovation. They are going to start judging on Oct 19th, so need to be submitted by then. Open to anyone who has a new business idea. The winner receives $10,000, the runner up gets $5,000, and 3rd place gets $2,500
• Housing Fair: HUD is sponsoring a Home Ownership/Foreclosure Prevention Housing Fair on Oct 23 in Granger (Radio KDNA); event runs from 10:AM to 4:00PM and is designed to provide information for new home buyers, as well as provide information for homeowners who may be struggling with their current mortgages
• Klickitat County ABC Planning Meeting: On Sep 2, Dave Gilbreath and Steve Loeb attended a planning meeting for Klickitat County’s ABC to share ideas on financial literacy education, bank on and other possible focus areas for Klickitat’s fledgling coalition
• US Treasury Core Financial Competencies: The US Treasury recently announced (in the Aug 26 Federal Register) a proposed set of financial education core competencies for all Americans (earning, spending, saving, borrowing and protection against risk); the goal of the core competencies is to define what consumers should know and be able to do to successfully understand and make informed decisions about their personal finances

Next Meeting: The meeting adjourned at 10:30am. Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct 14, 9:30-10:30AM at People for People.

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Steve Loeb
Americorps VISTA