Strategic Planning Meeting May 10 2011 Ycabc Minutes

Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes
(May 10, 2011)

Present: David Brown (Yakima County Dept of Human Services Veteran Programs), Marty Miller (ORFH), Bryan Ketcham (CCHS), Lance Stephens (United Way), Dixie Palmer (Apprisen), Michele Besso (NW Justice Project), Sue Ford (US Bank), David Gilbreath (YCABC), Bill Stevens (AARP Tax Aide), Brad Philips (Odyssey Foundation), Laura Philips (Next Step Housing), Suzanne Obermeyer (OIC of Washington [Yakima]), Candi Jaeger (OIC of Washington [Moses Lake]), Kimmy Mauldin (YCABC)

Call to Order: Dave Gilbreath called the meeting to order at approximately 11:15AM.

Agenda: Approved; Dave Gilbreath added Budget Review; David Brown added Financial Coaching update.

Current YCABC Goals: Marty Miller pointed out the Mission Statement for the YCABC does not have any income statement. People need to have an income in order to build assets. “The Mission of the Yakima County Asset Building Coalition is to advocate for financial literacy and the development of personal assets for low to moderate income working families and individuals living in Yakima County.” Marty made a motion, Michele Besso second. Motion carries.

EITC Program:
• A new tax site in the Lower Valley was established at the Southeast Community Center
o Had 56 volunteers in 2010 tax season
• Have expanded and sustained more clients
• Replaced aging computers and printers
• Marketing plan developed and utilized
• Returns will be reported in July meeting

Expand Financial Literacy Programs:
• Developed financial literacy classes and kept 2-1-1 updated
o 2-1-1 signed people up for classes
• Gained new social service membership in Coalition
• Made flyers and brochures as well as other media to promote financial education classes
• Put incentive program to practice with financial education classes
o If people complete specific non Bank On financial education classes, they get $50 at the end

Continue/expand the Bank On Program:
• Added 1 new financial institution (Yakima Federal Savings and Loan)
• Increased number of Bank On clients
o Ran into problems with tracking so the number is inconclusive at this time
• Promoting program with social services (see Financial Literacy Programs)
• Implemented the incentives program
o If a client attends a financial education course, opens a Bank On account and keeps it open for 60 days in good standing, they get $50 deposited into their account

IDAs and other asset building programs:
• Subcommittee for IDAs is researching and finding out details to make this program happen.
o National Community Organization with John may be a good place to start.
o Candi Jaegar from Moses Lake offered her knowledge to help the Coalition figure out if this is a possibility for next spring’s grant AFI application deadline.
Sustainability Plan:
• Kimmy is the third and final VISTA; Coalition needs to figure out what needs to be in place before she leaves.
• Did not discuss alternative funding sources; July’s meeting will address this issue

Next Year’s Goals:

• Because of economic downturn, even the IRS is down 3 to 4% across the Nation.
• A free tax site in Sunnyside has been attempted but due to lack of volunteers this has yet to succeed.
o Explore feasibility of opening a site in Sunnyside for 2011-2012.
• Recruit bilingual volunteers.
o Need an interpreter at SE Community Center and St. Vincent.
• Keep 2-1-1 updated on site locations and hours.

Financial Literacy Programs:
• Create an association with Junior Achievement and build stronger relationships with other social services (DSHS, Worksource, OIC, etc)
o Lance Stephens may have a contact
• Strengthen this program
o Provide financial incentive for completing courses
o Expand into Lower Valley
o Offer more classes in Spanish or have translators available for any class
 Develop or locate more Spanish materials
• Figure out how to get financial coaching to Yakima or Eastern Washington.
o Use financial coaching and case management resources to spread the word about the classes as well as other programs

Bank On Program:
• Support the Washington State Bank On Program.
• Develop a teller incentive competition or event
• Committee will develop some measureable goals on their own and report back to the YCABC.
o Get name out into community amongst social services and financial agencies before attempting any larger parts of the program
o Gain more contacts
o Strengthen financial education class program
o Improve tracking situation

IDAs and other asset building programs:
• Continue looking at feasibility of IDAs and looking for new programs that can push this idea along.
o Need $4,000-$8,000 to start 2 to 1 match in the beginning
• Financial coaching (in financial literacy education category as well).
o Our expansion should focus primarily on strengthening existent programs before looking for more programs to support and execute.
• Microenterprise Lending:
o Moses Lake focuses on microenterprise lending a lot and gets funding from Washington State Microenterprise lending Organization?.
o Mentoring is necessary for the Moses Lake program.
o Luz would also be a good resource.
o Mercy Corps does not do any funding in Yakima but they focus on IDAs and microenterprise lending.
• We would have to find matching money in order to use Mercy Corps AFI money.
• The reporting to Feds is very time consuming.
• Candi Jaeger will check on compensation for those who keep the books and manage the various IDA projects.

Sustainability Plan:
• Summarize who backs which coalitions and what we can do as well as goals for last year reached in July meeting.
• Ad hoc committee to figure this out.
o Marty will chair this committee.

Structure and Membership for YCABC: Getting approved to be a 501 (c)(3) takes at least a year if not longer. And the nonprofit needs a board of directors and many other details. WABC just got their approval after 2 years. The fact that the Coalition is a group of organizations, we do not need to become an official nonprofit.
Increase Coalition membership. Kimmy will assess the Coalition and see who (individually and organizationally) is involved then we can see if we need more credit unions or social services, etc. When we ask people to come we need to ask them if they are not able to attend if they could appoint someone else to come. Marty will send out a program (or spreadsheet) that helps figure membership and involvement in Coalition.

Other Business/Announcements: No monthly meeting on May 12th. David Brown updated everyone on the Financial Coaching training which was really great. Takes coaching concept into case management and helps to inspire people to truly progress in their lives. Financial coaching focuses on building, maintaining and protecting assets. IDAs and like programs are needed to help make a dent in poverty. People have really embraced this training. Coaching sessions usually cost around $250 an hour or more. The financial coaching will not cost near as much if at all because that would be directly against the point of the program. Two different speakers talked about the financial side and the coaching side so as to give a really round about view of what financial coaching would be all about. This is expensive and should look into getting the financial coaching training here in Yakima instead of in Seattle. The training costs $750 per person. He has been talking with the Homeless Network and other organizations to try and bring the training here to Yakima. Add this to the budget for 2011-2012? This was supported by WABC, Commerce grant, and Burst for Prosperity. Other ideas: blend financial and life coaching at the same time which would depend on the organization offering the coaching.
Washington ABC is sponsoring an ABC Conference at the Convention Center in Yakima June 21-22. Everyone needs to register!
Michelle Smith has a marketing plan and we need to compensate her. We will not spend more than $900 (it will probably be $500-$600) including a plan to reach out to social service agencies, email campaign, flyers, radio spots, media contact list and developing and placing ads in appropriate places. Motion moved by Marty, second by Dixie, approved!

Budget Update: WalMart grant is 101% expensed. Commerce is about 60% expensed. HHS grant only needs one form to be filled out and the money will be on the way. $5,500 for Bank On incentives needs to be expensed by Feb 2012.

Adjourn: Meeting called to an end at approximately 1:00PM

Next Meeting: June 9th, 9:30 to 10:30 AM at OIC building (815 Fruitvale Boulevard and parking is available either in the Social Security parking lot, on street, or through the gates)