Thurston County Asset Building Coalition


The Thurston Asset Building Coalition helps people with low-incomes improve their quality of life by gaining financial knowledge and services.

Through a collaborative effort, we offer tools to help people increase their income, reduce debt, establish and build savings, and increase their assets.

The Coalition includes leaders from human and social services, financial institutions, micro-enterprise development, and economic and community development organizations.

Our Steering Committee has broad community membership that facilitates coordination among housing, health, food, and income support providers.


Our mission is to strengthen an integrated system of community resources that promotes opportunities for people with limited incomes to become more financially stable.

We envision a Thurston County where all individuals and families are able to live, work, meet basic needs and prosper, realizing their potential.

Our Goals

We strive to increase income, savings, assets, and access to supportive services in order to improve the well being of low income families in Thurston County.

We rely on these strategies:

Increasing outreach and participation in our tax preparation services and financial literacy classes.

Assisting people to access related housing, health, food and income support services.

Launching and sustaining a Bank On initiative to link community members with stable low cost banking services.

Promoting a “no wrong door’ network of referral and support for people with low incomes living in our community.