Washington Asset Building Coalition


The Washington Asset Building Coalition (WABC) represents over 400 members including financial institutions; community action and social services agencies; advocates for people living with disabilities; housing and micro-enterprise groups; United Ways; foundations; advocacy groups; Washington State agencies such as the Departments of Commerce and Financial Institutions, the Office of the Treasurer, and the Division of Child Support; federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Federal Reserve Bank; and tribes.

The WABC has become the leading voice and learning network for community leaders and practitioners involved in this growing and timely movement. WABC has set the following policy agenda:

Expand Financial Skills for Success by increasing financial fitness in schools and for adults.
Help People Save and Invest by supporting small business development, IDA, homeownership, savings and the federal EITC.
Remove Barriers to Gaining and Keeping Assets by expanding lower cost lending alternatives, regulating predatory lending, eliminating asset limits.


Stephanie Bowman, Executive Director
Denise Rodriguez, Director for Bank On WA